Want free jewelry? Host a party!

It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to those who have been reading my blog for awhile to know that I am a small business owner. After I left the teaching gig because my children needed me at home, I needed to find some way to help out with our expenses.

I was becoming concerned with our finances and had prayed earnestly about it for a few days. Coincidentally, a friend invited me to a jewelry party. I honestly wasn’t that impressed with the party, but kept going back to the catalog. I absolutely adored the products and just seemed to KNOW that I could do jewelry parties, too. Best part is that I would be able to work it around homeschooling the boys.

I would love to be much more forthright with my readers, but the company that I am a Jeweler has a “no internet” clause in their contract, so I am prohibited from sharing their name or certain specific details online.  If you are just dying to know, email me.  However, I just think it would be a complete and total shame if I didn’t share how wonderful their hostess plan is!

I am totally bowled over when I think about how generous our plan is!  Shows qualify at only $100 to start with.  Every hostess receives a full 30% of her sales totals back in FREE jewelry of her choice!  When you consider that the industry standard for hostess plans is closer to 20% that is pretty awesome!  With a $500 show, my hostesses receive $150 in FREE jewelry of her choice!

All hostesses get the right to purchase 4-8 items at 50% off (depending on party sales).  But, guess what?  The half price items are added back into the party sales totals, meaning MORE free jewelry for my hostess!

Then, every hostess can earn up to 4 bonuses with her party:

  • $25 for holding her show on the originally scheduled date
  • $25 for having 1o adult guests in attendance at her show
  • $25 for collecting $100 in advance catalog orders before the show begins
  • $25 when 3 of her friends also want to earn FREE jewelry with their own parties

It’s just amazing!  Hostesses can earn $250-$300  in FREE jewelry with a very typical party in this area!!!  It’s so incredibly generous and I consider myself lucky to be able to have fun, make new friends, and utterly spoil my hostesses with blingy goodness.  Life is good.

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2 Responses to Want free jewelry? Host a party!

  1. Ann Odle says:

    Sounds like a great plan! FYI, you are now on my “short list” of blogs to emulate!

  2. Denise Kline says:

    Nice Blog! Keep up the great work :)

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