Mom and Dad’s Quilt

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Mom and Dad’s Christmas Quilt

I made my parents a quilt for Christmas.  Well, to clarify, I pieced the top, purchased the batting, backing, and binding fabrics and wrapped them up for Christmas 2010 (cough, cough).  Now, I was not giving them an incomplete gift, per se, as my Mom loves to quilt on our homemade quilt frame and I wanted her to be involved in the quilting of the top, choosing the pattern, etc.  We would make memories by working on it together.

Except, Mom couldn’t choose a pattern.  She wanted it to be perfect so she kept finding new ideas.  Eventually, she let me pick out a pattern and mark the top and we basted and put on the frame.  We both worked on it and I think it turned out rather well.

Here it is on the frame.  It definitely brightened up the room while we were working on it.

Another Hatchett Job blog, quilting, hand quilting, quilt frame, sewing, crafts

Mom and Dad’s Christmas Quilt on Homemade Quilt Frame

The pattern was a freebie on Moda Bake Shop.  It is called the Cinnamon Pecan Twist by Konda Luckau of Moose on the Porch Quilts.  I made it almost entirely from Moda precuts, both turnovers and charm packs.  It went together easily and I was pleased with it.

Now that it is quilted, it remains only to be bound and washed.  Can’t wait till it is completed and home on my parent’s bed at long last.

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