It’s all about the focus…

One of the blogs that I watch closely challenged me to establish a single word that could be my mantra (so to speak), allowing me to bring clarity and purpose to my actions all year long.  I like that idea.

But, of course, I couldn’t decide on only one word.  Until I started looking closer at the example in the blog post.  She used the acronym FOCUS to establish her theme for the year.    It stands for:  Follow One Course Until Successful.

I kept coming back to that idea, rolling it around in my head.  I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.  Eventually, I realized that the reason that I was so drawn to this concept is because focus is lacking in my life.  I tend to be very flighty, following every good idea that comes along, until another comes along.  Often, I end up unknowingly sabotaging my own efforts.

So, stealing the example was simply the way to go for me.  I definitely will focus more on achieving FOCUS.  I have picked a plan to follow for my jewelry business and I will stick with it, no matter what.  That consistency is going to bring me the results that I have desired, but not yet achieved.  It will steady my course and help me to strengthen my self-discipline.

What will you FOCUS on this year?

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One Response to It’s all about the focus…

  1. Belinda says:


    Thank you for this article!

    I love the photo – I know that I need a whole set of those for my desk, pocket, life, etc.

    I look forward to learning more from you!

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