Magnolia Ring

I wanted to take a moment to showcase one of my favorite pieces in my product line.  It is called the Magnolia.  It is a beautiful example of a ‘bling ring.’  Bling rings have been very popular in recent months, showing up in multiple fashion magazine covers.

Magnolia is a combination of matte silver and bright silver finishes with small crystals in the center.  The petals on the flowers curve just enough to catch the light.  It is truly one of those pieces that is a conversation starter.  More often than not, it is on my hand!

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8 Responses to Magnolia Ring

  1. Ann Odle says:

    Beautiful! Is this one new? I don’t remember seeing this! I wish I could wear more rings, but my fingers are so small–size 4 1/2!

  2. Kim Rhodes says:

    Beautiful ring! And from one jewelry lady to another – you are correct. Bling rings are the trend right now! As a consultant, I make sure to have on a bling ring when I am out and about. It DOES get the conversation started for me to introduce me and my company.

    Great post!

  3. this post is very usefull thx!

  4. amber jordan says:

    where can i buy this ring

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