Monday Mingle Business Edition–Faves

Welcome to this week’s editon of Monday Mingle–Business Edition.  This weekly meme is hosted by Lynsey Jones at The Party Plan Coach.  Each week, business owners will answer Lynsey Jones, the Party Plan Coachquestions about their businesses and link up to share with each other.  We hope you will stop by The Party Plan Coach and see what all of the other participants are saying this week, and maybe even consider joining us!

This week, we are discussing our favorite products from our product lines.   Now, this is not the priciest item or most sensational item in the Premier Designs Jewelry line, but it is definitely one of my go-to  pieces.   The Orbit earrings (retail $19) are the one piece that will look good on every woman, no matter what.  The earrings are large enough to help to draw the eye toward the face and the angularity of the shape looks fantastic will every face shape.  Because medium to large hoop style earrings are one of the Six Pieces of Jewelry that Every Woman Should Own, this is simply one of those everyday pieces of jewelry that is truly a “no brainer!’  I can count on Orbit earrings to be the perfect piece to introduce a lady to Premier Designs at my home shows.  It’s not so expensive that a customer will feel like they are taking a risk in purchasing it.  Plus, I have had numerous customers tell me that they know they can trust me to help them select jewelry that will flatter them–all because of a wonderful first experience with Orbit earrings. 

Fashion, Hottest Trend in Nails

See the whole line of Jamberry Nails at

In my Jamberry Nails line, my personal favorite has got to be the black and white Houndstooth pattern.  It is very noticable, but with a classic fashion edge to it.  Not too much, but a definite throw back to the ol’ menswear as fashion rage.  Gotta love that!  Of course, with over 165 patterns to choose from, my favorites can change as fast as my outfits!

Do you have a favorite Premier Designs piece of Jamberry Nails design?

Till next time,

Your Favorite Jewelry Lady, Premier Designs Jewelry

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10 Responses to Monday Mingle Business Edition–Faves

  1. Kim Rhodes says:

    Jan, you need to read my post, lol! Us two jewelry/nail divas are thinking very much alike! I like your nails, btw!

  2. Jan, I LOVE those earrings – every woman should own a pair of hoops. I agree!

  3. Ann Odle says:

    I’m a Jamberry convert myself; they just don’t work well with my day job. I don’t know how I’d narrow it down to just one either. Love the earrings too; hoops are one of my weaknesses when I shop for earrings!

  4. Amber Worden says:

    I love both of the black and white designs! :-)

  5. Great blog Jan and I love the earrings!

  6. Carla K. says:

    I enjoyed this post and I am feelin’ those nails.

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