Defeat SOPA!

Even way back in my Grammar Rock on Saturday mornings past, I had it drilled into me that it was the little things that made America great.  Things like, due process, being innocent until proven guilty, you know, that kind of stuff.

Now, SOPA comes along and throws all that stuff out the window.  All in the name of appeasing the almighty Entertainment sector.  If you are accused, you are shut down.  Period.  No due process.  No chance to state your case.  Can you imagine a psycho cheerleader mom shutting down the YouTube channel of the local girls who snubbed her kid?  You could accuse anyone for any reason.

Hello!  Hollywood?  Music Industry?  I don’t steal your stuff.  I don’t rip you off.  Lots of your stuff is a bit too raunchy for me anyhow.  Keep away from my blog and my business!

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4 Responses to Defeat SOPA!

  1. Laura says:

    I believe that there should be a form to “protect” copyright infringements, I think that the way the SOPA as it looks, may seriously hamper the overall efficiency of the internet… It comes to a point that I have to think if when writing a post, I can or can not use say the word “Apple”.. Go figure.

  2. Isla says:

    If you thought SOPA was bad, just wait Until you meet ACTA.
    Its not about the pirates anymore, its about censoring what the public can watch/see. Its the worst kind of propaganda (the equivalent? of Hitlers book burnings).

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