Living Well Wednesday, 1.10.12

Hello everyone!  Welcome back to the second week of Living Well Wednesday, a meme hosted by the lovely and talented Natalie Collinson.  Each week, bloggers and vloggers unite to share insights on how they fared in meeting their life goals, whatever they may be.  We hope you will join us each week to see how we do and to join in as we encourage each other along the way.  Jump right in, anytime!

This week we have had some really odd weather fluctuations.  It is damp, overcast, and dreary, but not cold.  We have had drizzle for two days and today the temps are scheduled to drop down low (much closer to typical winter temps for Georgia).  It’s been tough to deal with and a bit unpredictable, but we have managed to get in a little exercise for all of us.

I have been able to work out on our new mini-trampoline a bit over the last week.  I can’t go for extended periods of time (yet) but it is something I can do on a rainy, dreary day.  Plus, the boys can do it, too.  DS13 adores it and does it for fun.  DS15 isn’t quite so thrilled, but I can get him to do it and that is worth bunches in helping him to sleep at night.  He is on some meds that can make him sleepy and he can get his days and nights backwards if we are not careful!  Personally, I can do a workout video, but the boys will have no part in it.  This makes it easier.

On the healthy eating front, I have not been a saint, but I have incorporated more veggies into our meals and even a couple of entirely veggie meals.  I am dying to make another pot of the kale soup.  Mmmmm.  Love it!

On Saturday night, hubby and I went to see Brooks & Company Dance perform, “Into the Dark Wood.”  It was a tad darker than their usual fare, but with every bit the passion and electricity of their live performances.  If you are ever in Atlanta, I encourage you to look them up. 

I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed squeezing in a date night with hubby.  It so helped to raise my spirits!  I also had a birthday lunch with several ladies to honor a mutual friend.  It was a great, relaxing weekend, and I SO needed that!

Today, I will meet another friend for lunch (no kids, woot, woot!) and then to go for a walk, weather permitting.  Sounds like such fun to me.

The kids hate that it messes up the homeschooling plan, but so what?  Mama needs a little love and understanding, too!

The coming week is looking up as well.  Premier Designs is holding their annual Regional Rally in Atlanta this upcoming weekend.  Hubby is joining us and it promises to be two full days of fun, friends, and bling!  What could be better?

How are ya’ll doing this week?  Will you join in the fun?

Till next time,

Your Favorite Jewelry Lady, Premier Designs Jewelry

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4 Responses to Living Well Wednesday, 1.10.12

  1. Carla K. says:

    Three Things.
    I love that you do “family exercise” on the trampoline
    Good for you in taking time for a ladies lunch and date night (Yeppeee )
    It’s cool that you are adding veggies and have some total veggie meals and can I have the recipe for the Kale Soup?

    And Have Super Fun at your Premier Designs Regional Rally. And can you share what you have learned on the boards?

    PS… I love your blog.

  2. Jan, a mini trampoline sounds such fun!

    We have an 8ft one in the garden but I’m scared I’ll end up in next doors garden it’s so bouncy, lol.

    Have fun at your company rally – don’t forget to get lots of photos and video and come back here and blog it!

  3. Jan Hatchett says:

    I can just imagine you sailing away like Mary Poppins! Just leave your umbrella inside. It seems to provide lift.

    I will definitely be posting on Facebook and Twitter throughout rally and will share loads when I get back! Can’t wait!

  4. I can’t wait to hear all about the Rally and the new Spring line!

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