Quilt Finish!

Yay, me!  I have wanted to blog about this little quilt for a couple of weeks, but  I didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.  The wonderful lady that this quilt was conceived around and intended for is from my church and a FaceBook friend.  Since all of my blog posts are listed on my FB page via Networked Blogs, I didn’t want to risk someone seeing it ahead of time and possibly figuring it out.

I absolutely LOVE the fabrics, patterns, and colors in this quilt, even though they aren’t really MY colors.  I guess that is one reason that this is a great creative outlet.  I get to explore colors, textures, patterns, and moods, even, that I might not typically work with.  I’ve got to admit that these colors are SO very much based around this church friend and her house and clothing choices.  They made me smile the whole time I worked with them.  They are just so cheerful and reminded me so much of this lovely lady.

I’ll admit it is kind of silly, but I much prefer to do the anonymous gift thing when it is going to someone who is sick, needs comfort, etc.  I wasn’t at church this morning when my Mom (who did a fabulous job finishing and tying the quilt) presented the gift.   I had a sick kiddo this morning, but I am happy enough knowing that the recipient seemed to love it as much as we did and (hopefully) will derive comfort from it.

That being said, as I am currently doing the sewing and Mom is finishing the quilts, I have to admit that the third quilt is already pieced and ready to be finished and presented soon to another friend.  I made all three in 3 days and am sorting fabrics currently for #4, which will be sewn very soon, I hope.   The more quilts we make, the more needs we realize and the more we will continue to make.

In case you haven’t guessed it, I have absolutely fallen in love with the Jelly Roll 1600 pattern.  It is simple to execute, goes together easily, and uses a technique that I wouldn’t have dreamed up in a million years.  I don’t know exactly where the pattern originated from, but the link goes to the site that I learned about it from.  I do make a couple of minor modifications with mine.  I do a straight join between the strips, instead of the mitered joins (just because I don’t miter particularly well sometimes) and I will cut all of the strips in half (sometimes) to get more variation in the pattern.  I just think it looks nice that way.  I did both of these modifications for this quilt.

Till next time,

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