30 Days of Faves–Daydream

There was a time when I used to daydream a lot.  I would dream of having a blog with a readership.  I would dream of having my own business and spending more time with my hubby and kids.

Today, I bring you the beautiful Daydream necklace in honor of my daydreams.  Daydream (retail $51) is a 19 inch (with attached 3 inch extender) four strand necklace of shells, faux pearls, glass, and beads.  It is simply a vision to behold and one of the pieces that I get loads of complements on.  Since it is a multi-strand choker, it can be worn longer, by leaving the clasp open and pulling one strand behind your neck.  It’s a fabulous look (I use it to frame Pure Bliss in the center).

One last note on daydreams.  One day, I was fortunate enough to get invited to a jewelry show at a friend’s house.  I had never even heard of the company.  But, when I saw the products and heard about this debt-free company that is built on biblical principals, I found that my daydreams could come true–with Premier Designs!Another Hatchett Job, Premier Designs, Jewelry, Your Favorite Jewelry Lady

This post is my final post in the 30 Days of Faves Blog Party!  I want to give special thanks to Lynsey Jones for hosting this event and for encouraging me in both my business and my blogging!  Thanks, Mama Diva!

Till next time,

Your Favorite Jewelry Lady, Premier Designs Jewelry

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