Off Kilter…

That pretty much describes my life right now.

We are a few weeks out from our (my Aspie’s) last grand mal seizure.  I know that I should feel relieved, by now, but for some odd reason,  I am having a hard time releasing that sickening grasp on my stomach.  It’s like waiting for the other shoe to fall, I guess.

The smaller seizures continue, lessened, but not stopped.  They are like a constant reminder of what can happen.

I guess that is why I have been scarce around here lately.  I am struggling.  I am a Mom.

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One Response to Off Kilter…

  1. BIG Hugs Jan. We have so missed you around Party Plan Divas, but knew you needed some time for your family. Your son and family will continue to be in all of our prayers. Dont worry about being scarce – the beauty of this business is it truly allows you to put your family FIRST. We love you!

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