Hottest Trend? Jamberry Nails!

Have you ever been out and about and noticed some of the really eye catching Nail Art that is around?  Intricately detailed finger and toe nails are one of the hottest trends right now.  A couple of years back, a painted decoration on a big toe was occasionally seen, but nothing like what we have today!

Want to know the secret to beautiful Nail Art that can be applied at home, is affordable, looks great, and is intricately detailed?  It’s Jamberry Nails!  Jamberry Nails is a nail shield that is

Hottest Trend, Nail Art, Fashion

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activated by pressure and heat from your hair dryer.  They look great for 2 weeks on finger nails and 4-6 weeks on toe nails.  There are over 100 gorgeous designs available with others added seasonally. 

I can say that when my friend, Kim Rhodes, introduced me to this product line, I really liked the product.  They wore well and looked interesting.  Everywhere I went, people noticed my nails!  I really wasn’t expecting that part.

So, that’s why, when hubby suggested that I add Jamberry Nails to my work at home business endeavors, I couldn’t say no!  So, as my final act of 2011, I signed on as an Independent Contractor.  I believe that this will be a perfect item to offer fashion conscious ladies along in addition to Premier Designs Jewelry.

I have noticed that since discovering Jamberry Nails, my nails haven’t broken deep into the quick like usually happens and they seem to be a bit more protected in my day to day activities (although I do need to remember to wear gloves when cleaning).  I like that my hands don’t look ratty when I am called away from home.  And, my hands look professional and groomed for my fun jewelry shows.

Please stop by my website at Jan’s Jamberry Nails and check out our entire line of products.  I am sure that you can find something to suit your personal sense of style.  I’d love to keep you abreast of all the happenings when you “Like” my Facebook fan page:

Till next time,

Your Favorite Jewelry Lady, Premier Designs Jewelry

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6 Responses to Hottest Trend? Jamberry Nails!

  1. Carla K. says:

    Hi Jan… Very interesting article… I thought the best there was was the “Press On” or “Glue On” Nails. So … Now there is another option awith plenty or choices.

    thanks for sharing.

    Carla K from PPD

  2. I LOVE Jamberry Nails! I received some for the Holiday Gift Guide and we just love them! Congrats on the new business venture Jan!

  3. Kim Rhodes says:

    Hi Jan! I love your post and am so happy you are loving those nails of yours! They really are the best thing since sliced bread, lol!

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