Blue Willow Inn Macaroni and Cheese

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Mine looked quite similar to this photo I found.
Blue Willow Inn Mac and Cheese

If you ever find yourself in the sleepy little town of Social Circle, Georgia, you simply must stop by the Blue Willow Inn to enjoy some genuine Southern hospitality and top notch Southern, down home food on their fabulous buffet.  It’s about an hour or so away from us, so it is a rare treat that we enjoy wholeheartedly when we can.  Housed in an older home and decorated in Victorian style with articles by Georgia newspaperman and author, Lewis Grizzard on the walls, it is a destination in and of itsself.

And the macaroni and cheese is on the menu every stinkin’ day for good reason.  It is simply amazing.

It is also shamefully easy to make at home.  This link provides the genuine recipe as published in one of the many Blue Willow Inn Cookbooks.

Today, I am making up a batch to take to our Homeschool Co-Op potluck lunch tomorrow.  Or, more accurately, I am putting it together in a 9×13 inch pan up till the point where it would go in the oven.  This batch will sit in the refrigerator overnight and I will bake it on site at the church tomorrow while Ethan is in classes.  This will avoid the problem that I have with pot luck meals:  lukewarm food.  This will be bubbling hot and delicious on our table.  I can’t wait to taste it!

Why not make a batch for your family?  I’d love to know how you like it!

Till next time,

Another Hatchett Job

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