30 Days of Faves–Day 10

Ahhh….the cool, clear waters of the ocean.  The sounds of waves gently lapping against the sand.  Cool breezes and sunshine.  Wow!  I definitely need some beach time!

But, until I find my toes in the sand, I am enjoying the pleasures of wearing the stunning, 36 inch,  Blue Lagoon Necklace (retail $39).  You just can’t find detailing like this anywhere for the price!

I wish that a photo would do this piece justice, but it seems to lose a bit in translation.  It’s a much more luminous necklace in person.  The colors are clear and cool.  Even the silver flowered beads are made up of individually cast, silver flowers, loosely connected to form the cutest little trumpet beads you have ever laid eyes on.  This is a showstopper piece and one that I find goes with just about everything in my summer wardrobe.  With the extender let out, it makes a stunning choker when doubled (or you can open the clasp and wrap it multiple times around your wrist for an amazing bracelet).

For more information, or to receive a catalog, please contact me.  Your Favorite Jewelry Lady likes to earn her keep through fantastic customer service, so I don’t sell directly off of the internet.  I’d love to help you with your order!Another Hatchett Job, Premier Designs, Jewelry, Your Favorite Jewelry Lady

Be sure to stop by The Party Plan Coach and see what all the other Blog Party Participants are up to.  There are some amazing products being offered by the Direct Sales industry and I am constantly discovering new gems.  I am sure you will, too.  You can also follow our progress with the Twitter hashtag #30DaysofFaves.

Oh, and I forgot to mention it, but the Costa Rica necklace at 32 inches in length, nestles perfectly inside the Blue Lagoon’s 36 inch length to create another beautifully layered look!

Till next time,

Your Favorite Jewelry Lady, Premier Designs Jewelry


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2 Responses to 30 Days of Faves–Day 10

  1. Alexis says:

    This is beautiful, I love anything blue! And if say this picture doesn’t do it justice then I can’t even imagine what it’s like in person! Very nice!

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