30 Days of Faves–Day 11

Okay, what to do when a necklace that you LOVE doesn’t come in an ensemble set with matching earrings? What’s a Diva to do?

Rumba Earrings (retail $35) to the rescue!  Ladies, these earrings will make you want to get up and DANCE! Seriously!  And I am rhythm impaired and it works for me.  This pair of earrings is shockingly lightweight and easy to wear.  The detailing is reminiscent of Latin American artworks and they give such amazing movement when you wear them.

I know it probably sounds totally silly, but Rumba earrings make you feel like a total girl when you wear them!  There is nothing simple, plain, or dull about them.  I always feel like a million bucks when I wear these earrings–and I wear them a lot.  If you have been around this site for long, you might have noticed that I wear either Rumba or Orbit earrings in most of my videos.  Why?  Because I feel good when I wear them.  They are flattering, noticable, and feminine.  What could be more fun that that?

For more information, to obtain a catalog, or to order, please contact me directly by email or in the comments below.  I want to be Your Favorite Jewelry Lady, and one way that I do that is by providing a personal touch.  I can’t do that if you don’t contact me.  That’s one great reason why I don’t sell via internet sites.  I like to keep it personal.  I hope you understand.Another Hatchett Job, Premier Designs, Jewelry, Your Favorite Jewelry Lady

Thanks for Lynsey Jones, The Party Plan Coach, for sponsoring the 30 Days of Faves Blog Party for those of us in the Direct Sales industry.  Be sure to check out the other participants from around the world and follow our Twitter hashtag #30Daysof Faves!

Till next time,

Your Favorite Jewelry Lady, Premier Designs Jewelry

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