Wired for Sound

Well, enough people have asked me for an update on how oldest kiddo is doing during this 48 hour EEG, that I decided to put up a little bit of information (and a photo).  He has given me permission to use his photo that we took to send to Daddy (who is working with a project engineer in Miami this week and is missing all the fun).

He is understandably embarrassed about this whole thing and about how obvious it is that this is going on.  You can’tAnother Hatchett Job blog exactly hide this under a hat, kwim?  Now, remember being 14 years old yourself and feeling a bit awkward about yourself.  Add autism and social difficulties and then this (and having to walk from the doctor’s office to the parking garage a block away and you get a pretty shaken up, neurotic kid for a couple of days.  That being said, he is okay with people knowing that he is having some tests run.  You may NOT, under any circumstances, mention that you have seen this picture.  He is much more comfortable thinking that only strangers will see it.

He was wired and upset for hours prior to going to the office to get hooked up for the test.  Thankfully, he finally fell asleep in the car on the way there.   He cried, screamed, and wailed all the way home.  Not pretty at all.  He called me just about everything he could come up with other than “a good person.”

This is definitely one of those experiences that makes being a Mom, so not worth it.  Most days aren’t like this, but at the moment, I definitely could envision a childless life.  For a moment.  Okay, for the entire hour long drive home.  Things calmed down a bit after that and I am feeling much better now, thank you.  But, I am honest about it.  It would be easy enough to lie to my readers in a blog post and appear very PollyAnna-esque, but that wouldn’t be true.  Trust me on this one.  I very seldom channel Polly Anna, even on a good day.

To sum up, kiddo acted as if he were demon possessed and I was not running for mother of the year.

Thankfully, kiddo slept really well and for an exceptionally long time last night.  He was much more relaxed when he woke up.  He seems a bit more resigned to the whole situation today, although he has asked me to verify the time that he can get everything removed tomorrow.  I think we will both be happy when that happens.

Thanks so much for all of the kind thoughts and prayers sent on our behalf.  I am most grateful.

Till next time,

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9 Responses to Wired for Sound

  1. Oh Jan, I have been having a lot of those “childless” daydreams lately too. The things we go through for our kids! It will seem like an eternity, but when it’s all over, it will feel like it went so fast. Ok, you might have to give it a few months, but eventually, you will feel that way! My thoughts are with you today!

    • Jan Hatchett says:

      Michelle, you are so right. By the time I go to bed tomorrow evening, it will all be a bad dream and I will get my normally peaceful kiddo back. I appreciate your kind words and support today!

  2. Ann Odle says:

    I feel so bad for him (and you!). Being a teenager isn’t easy to begin with, so I can definitely remember that whole awkwardness thing and then with that fun little hat on top–well I’m sorry.

  3. Being a teenager is so hard, without all this being thrown at him.

    You are a super mom and he will, one day, appreciate you for all that you have done.

    I hope you all get some good rest tonight and gather your energy for the remainder of the test period.


  4. Jendi says:

    I’m generally not PollyAnna-esque either. Some days I try to always find the good. Hang in there Jan! I didn’t appreciate my mother until I was grown up and out of the house.

    • Jan Hatchett says:

      Thanks, Jendi! It was definitely an ordeal, followed by horrible storms right when we were relieved that hubby was home and all was going to be calm. Whew! I am just glad it’s over!

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