MMBE, Week 6

Welcome to my entry into the Monday Mingle, Business Edition blog hop, hosted by Lynsey Jones, The Party Plan Coach.  Each week, business owners share a bit about themselves and their businesses.   Please consider linking up with us each Monday.  We’d love to get to know you!

Sorry that (once again) my Monday Mingle has become a Tuesday Tingle.  More on that sad state of affairs, below.

Today’s topic from Lynsey:  Tell us about an experience you’ve had at a training event or Convention, an interaction with a team member – some kind of good memory that made an impact on your business!

Note to viewer, this is where my absolutely gorgeous video would have appeared except that my Android phone ate it and won’t cough it up to YouTube.  It was really good.  I even wore red.  Ahem.  My experience has to do with a training that I just had at my Regional Rally in Atlanta for Premier Designs.  One of the trainers (who was being rewarded repeatedly for having an exceptionally strong business) is known for having overcome tremendous obstacles when starting her business.  Really.  Traumatic.  Stuff.  When asked to explain how and why her business was booming while so many others were coasting along, she replied, “I decided to stop making EXCUSES and began making ARRANGEMENTS.”  She added some examples, like, I didn’t have a sitter….so I interviewed and hired one immediately.  I made sure my sitter knew when she would be working (my regular show and training times) and if I didn’t have a show….I went out and called and talked to people until I did.  I didn’t waste the time or money.

That truly hit me square between the eyes.  How often do we put on a little pity party instead of realizing that if nobody is bleeding, nobody is on fire, and it doesn’t require breaking the law, that we should just buck up and DO IT!  Whatever that IT might be.

That’s my recent business epiphany, what is yours?

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Till next time,

Your Favorite Jewelry Lady, Premier Designs Jewelry

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