MMBE week 4

Welcome back to the 4th installment of the fabulous new meme, Monday Mingle Business Edition, hosted by Lynsey Jones, The Party Plan Coach.  Each week, we are discussing our businesses and linking up to share with each other.  We’d love it if you would stop by and check out the links, or just jump right on in and be part of this meme.  We’re a supportive and flexible bunch, so join us!

This week, we have been asked to describe our “WHY” for our business.  Why we are willing to step out on a limb.  Why we are willing to work hard.  Why it’s important to work from home.

My why is family.  Plain and simple.  Love my hubby and would do anything for him, but it was the fact that our two sons NEEDED more than I could otherwise give them that helped us to make this decision and step out on faith.  Now, I am able to homeschool my boys, be available to take them to various therapies as needed, doctor’s appointments, accomodate sick days and seizures.  I don’t have to feel the Mommy Guilt any more.

I may not have an incredible retirement portfolio (yet), but I have an intact, thriving family that loves each other.  That’s way more important to me than running the rat race.

Okay, I had to show you the kids, but there are more kids that I love in my life than just my sons.  So, my boys are there along with my younger brother and two nieces.  Unfortunately, I lost some photos and I don’t have my two nephews to show you.  Maybe next time!

Till next time,

Your Favorite Jewelry Lady, Premier Designs Jewelry

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2 Responses to MMBE week 4

  1. Isn’t it nice to be able to put your family first? I love the freedom of direct sales!

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