Living Well Wednesday, 4/20/11

Welcome back to another update on my goals for 2011 with Living Well Wednesdays.  Click the link to check out our host site and wonderful hostess, Natalie Collinson!   Be sure and stop by to see what the other participants are up to this week.  It never hurts to send a little bit of bloggy love, either!

Okay, this week has been interesting.  It started off innocently enough, but has gone massively downhill in the last day or so.  My mother had to have some growths biopsied and removed by her dermatologist this past week.  She got a call late yesterday afternoon from her doctor that one of the growths was cancerous.

It is a squamous cell carcinoma, which is not by any means as horrible as melanoma (which ultimately took my Aunt Edith’s life), so that is a good thing.  There is a good chance that treatments may be very effective or even not necessary at all if the places haven’t gone terribly deep.   We are praying for that now.

Of course, nothing much in life is scarier than the “C” word, and cancer isn’t a good thing by any means, but we are thinking positively and hoping for a good outcome.  That’s really all that can be done.

But, again, we are all SO grateful that this was NOT a melanoma.  That is especially scary to me because my coloring is very similar to my Aunt Edith’s complexion.  The main exception is that she had loads of freckles and I don’t have many, except on my shoulders.  But, I am dreadfully pale with green eyes.  Not a great combination, dermatologically speaking.   My entire life, doctors have been keeping me out of the sun and slathered with 50+ sunscreens.  Even at the beach, I don’t really go outside except in the early morning and late at night.  Siesta is the name of the game during the heat of the day and the worst intensity of the sun.  Yep.  I am the freak that stalks the beach at night, looking for sea turtles and watching the moon.  I used to buy my kids the little light up sandals so I could see where they were on the beach at night!  Love those memories.

Lately though, I have developed a pretty serious vitamin D deficiency from being out of the sun for, well, YEARS!  It’s not really practical to supplement to the degree that I would require, so my doctor is sending me INTO THE SUN!  It’s so bizarre.  Here I am, fishbelly white, sitting in the sun with a timer, while my mother, who tans beautifully, is having to stay away from it.  To give you some perspective, people tell me that I am too pale.  I take off my watch and they see that too pale is actually an excellent tan for me and they nearly fall out!

Needless to say, I am a bit conflicted about this new advice, although I do tend to feel much better when I have been in the sunshine for a bit.  But, there is a very fine line between enough vitamin D for me and too much UV radiation.  With my Aunt dying of melanoma, my Dad having had precancerous growths removed from his nose, and my Mom now having a form of skin cancer, I feel like I am playing with fire.

As for eating and exercise, all went well until the last day or so.  Oh well.  At the rate I am going, I don’t think it will be my weight that will kill me first….

Till next time,

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3 Responses to Living Well Wednesday, 4/20/11

  1. Jan, I am sorry to hear that your mother has cancer. Your positivity will be a great support to your family at this time and I hope you get good results and a speedy recovery.

    Like you, I tend to stay out of the sun. I am naturally very pale (I prefer to consider myself an English rose, lol) and I burn so easily which is a shame because I LOVE lying in the sun. I shudder when I think back to my teenage years when I spent my summers with the agony of sunburn in the pursuit of a golden tan. I just pray that I came to my senses soon enough and that I haven’t done too much irreversible damage that I will pay for in later years. And yes, some days I go without my watch just to show my white bits and make me feel not quite so pale!

    Thank you for joining us this week – I miss your vlogs! – and look forward to seeing you again next week.

    Natalie x

  2. Jan Hatchett says:

    Thanks, Natalie! I appreciate the kind words. I definitely ended up with the embodiment of every bit of Scotch-Irish blood that has been ruminating through our family for eons. Apparently, I have living relatives (according to my cousin who did a beautiful geneology) in the far north of Ireland. So, I get this crazy pale skin quite honestly!

  3. Ann Odle says:

    I’m a pale-face too; Irish & Scottish in my background, but like Natalie I was determined to tan in my youth. Scary to think about what might come up on my skin eventually.
    My dad has been having a lot of cancerous & pre-cancerous things removed too. I hope everything goes well for your mom (and you and your family with everything else that’s going on!).
    Looking forward to “hearing” from you again soon girlfriend!

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