Living Well Wednesday – 6/1/11

Um, I have been a bit absent minded lately and I have missed a week (or two) of Living Well Wednesday, hosted by the lovely and talented Natalie Collinson each week.  Oops.  Sorry!

All things considered, I think I have been doing okay, although getting videos recorded these days has been a bit of a challenge, hence the lack of vlog this week.  I am having to work on that for the 30 Days of Faves meme that starts today also.  So, it should be challenging, but what’s a little challenge between a few (oodles) of friends?

As for things health related, I am simply trying to eat somewhat healthfully and not beat myself up over it.  I am also making sure that my pale self gets outside for a bit of sunshine (no burns) to build up my vitamin D stores and stave of depression.  Right now, that is about all I can manage.  My son has started his anti-seizure medication, but it will still be another month before he is slowly moved into a truly therapeutic dose.  So, he is quite peeved that he is still having the seizures (they are not major by any means, but it bothers him that he knows that they are happening).  He tells me, “Mom, but I am taking the medicine.  Aren’t they supposed to stop?”

It’s hard to be 14.  It’s even harder when you don’t understand the concept of slowly titrating up a dose of medicine to make sure to avoid the really nasty potential side effects.  At least we are done homeschooling for this school year and we can relax with some good books (and his weekly math tutoring) which is a lot less pressure while we work out the medicine.

I know that it probably seems odd that my update is more about my son than about myself.  But, I am a mom and my mental and emotional health is tied inextricably to that of my children.  It is hard to see a kid suffer and know that you can’t just *poof* fix it.  Mommy kisses can heal horrible boo-boos, but unfortunately not Asperger’s Syndrome (mild autism), learning disabilities, and/or complex partial seizures.   I’d give anything to fix it.  But, all I can do is hug and kiss him, administer the meds on schedule, and pray, pray, PRAY for healing that is beyond human comprehension.

Somehow, it’s got to be enough.

Till next time,

Your Favorite Jewelry Lady, Premier Designs Jewelry

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4 Responses to Living Well Wednesday – 6/1/11

  1. Ann Odle says:

    I’m glad you’re back out here with us; been thinking about you and all you are all going through right now. Hopefully things will settle down for you all, and you can enjoy your summer!

    • Jan Hatchett says:

      Thanks, Ann! I have truly appreciated the thoughts, prayers, and support from my Diva friends through all of this stuff. But, I think that maybe we are in the home stretch and I really need to think about something else (at least sometimes). I am glad to be back and have something positive to focus on!

  2. Jan, it’s great to see you back with us.

    Being a mom can be the hardest job in the world, but it comes with the greatest rewards too. I don’t know how you manage it all – work, wife, mom, life… you are wonderful x

    • Jan Hatchett says:

      Natalie, thanks so much for the kind words, but the truth is, I don’t handle it all (well,not very well, anyway). That’s why I totally let work fall apart during this. But, I am trying to build it back up and I am so grateful that I have the kind of work where I can do that when needed.

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