Living Well Wednesday, 3/23/11

Welcome back for another Living Well Wednesday!  Each week, we check in and encourage each other on meeting our personal goals, whether they be for health, fitness, organization–whatever!  To get in on this fun action, hop over to Natalie’s site and check out what the participants are up to, link up and go!  We love it when you vlog these, but we have just as many folks who are  blogging their updates.  No worries!

This is also one of those two-fer vlogs for March Vlogging Madness.  This fun meme is hosted by Jendi at SimpleAnother Hatchett Job blog, vlog post Vlogging Tips and Shynea at Penny Pinching Diva.  We’ve made it all the way to Day 23, so we are in the home stretch!  I am really impressed with the videos that everyone is putting out and the sense of community that it has created between us.  It is so much easier to feel “connected” with a new friend with video.  I feel like I know these folks already!

Even with all the craziness that life has thrown at us lately, I am so glad that I signed on to participate in this meme.  I have really enjoyed doing it and I think I have learned a lot from it.  Good stuff all around!

So, are you working toward any goals?  How is that working out so far?

Till next time,

Your Favorite Jewelry Lady, Premier Designs Jewelry

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2 Responses to Living Well Wednesday, 3/23/11

  1. Ann Odle says:

    Sunshine is a wonderful rejuvenator. Right now I’me looking at big, fat raindrops! Hope your week stays sunny & bright.

  2. Jan, from one hayfever sufferer to another… you have my utmost understanding and sympathy!

    I’m glad to hear you have some appointments lined up for you son – I know this has been a worrying time for you and you are handling this remarkably.

    Thank you for joining us for another Living Well Wednesday – enjoy your week ahead x

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