I’m Back!

Ever had a stretch of time where you felt like everything you thought you knew about your world was just up and changing–right now?  Well, that’s what life has been like.  That’s also why I haven’t really posted in quite a while.  But, things are settling down a bit now and I can get back to some things that I enjoy, like sewing.

Part of these last few months has been a move that we really didn’t anticipate happening until shortly before it happened.  Sometimes life changes swiftly and this was the case.

Not that the changes have been bad, but change itsself is often stressful and I am very sensitive to stress, it seems.  All in all, life is good, but I have been wondering how this blog will now fit into my new life.  I think it will necessitate a few changes because I am no longer working from home or representing anyone else’s company.  I am doing more nesting and crafts and taking care of my family.  I like it that way, but it is still change and that is always odd.

Just suffice it to say that I am cooking, crafting, sewing, reading, homeschooling, quilting, canning, gardening, and now blogging again.  Just from a different locale.

More to follow.

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