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Teenage boys eat all the time and tend to sleep quite a bit, too (can I get an ‘AMEN’ from the mamas?).  Mine even like to snuggle up with a blanket to read, play a hand held game, or to watch a movie.  However, no matter how many quilts and blankets we have around the cabin, the boys always seem to want whichever one the other one is using.

Not to mention that said growing boys with oversized apetites and personalities keep growing and my oldest son can’t even find a single quilt or throw that will cover him from shoulder to feet.  He has to use two and overlap them in the middle.

So what’s a mama to do?  Make them both their own oversized, super cuddly, two sided fleece throws that are obviously and distinctively their very own (so no squabbling).  So, I did make them some for Christmas.  I bought the fleece on sale and got a good deal, but it still was kind of pricey to make them.  On the other hand, these suckers are super warm and will be durable for years and years of use, so the cost will be worth it over the lifespan of the item.  Besides, even if I could have found something just as fabulous a quality on super-sale, I would have spent about the same money and it still wouldn’t have been big enough for DS16 who is 6’8″ and still growing.

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Green plaid fleece on the back. It is almost perfectly double bed sized.

Here is DS14s blanket.  He is my avid birder and bird bander and all around biology and critter buff.  His favorite color is green, so I knew when I first spied the gorgeous over-the-top green plaid and Cardinal print fleeces that I couldn’t go wrong.  I used 1.5 yards of each fleece print.  Sewed them together with a generous seam (just over half inch, I think) while leaving an opening to turn the whole thing right side out.  After clipping the corners and turning the whole thing right side out, I did a top stitch about 1/4 of an inch around the edge.  That closed up the opening for turning and kept the edges laying nicely.  Each blanket took maybe an hour or so, including squaring up the cut edges and being careful to go slowly and not mess up.  Easy peasy!

Another Hatchett Job, crafts, sewing, frugal gifts, holiday, family

Blanket is large enough for a full sized bed, but extra long.

This blanket is an absolute monster!  Due to my son’s height, I used 2.5 yards of each fleece pattern to make his big enough to wrap under his feet and even over his head, at the same time.  He was so thrilled to be able to do that.  Plus, fleece is so soft and he is very sensitive to textures and fabrics, so it made for a great choice for him.    You can hear him let out a satisfied sigh every time he pulls it over himself.  His fleece is lots of puppy dogs on one side and sock monkeys (a bit of nostalgia since Granny made both boys sock monkeys when they were born).  He loves it and there is no confusing his fleece patterns with those of his brother.  Whew!

Oldest son keeps his on the couch, where he likes to lounge.  Younger son likes to sleep with his and use it to wrap up in while lounging in bed reading a book or listening to a podcast.

Every year, I try to make the boys something homemade for Christmas.  We want them to know that someone cared enough to make a real effort to do something especially for them, to give of themselves and their time.  We want them to understand that the value of a gift isn’t in monetary value, but truly in the thought (as in, “you thought enough of me to create something from your heart and hands.”).  I think that we have hit the nail on the head this year, when the boys helped to make some wooden birdhouses to give as gifts.

It also didn’t hurt that after Christmas, younger son came up to me and told me that he had watched a comedy video online that was a top 10 list of bad Christmas gifts.  Apparently, number one was, “anything made by your mom.”  I almost cried when he told me this and followed it up with, “No way.  You make the good stuff.”

Some days it’s very good to be Mom.

Do you make Christmas and birthday gifts?  What types of things do you like to make?

Till next time,

Another Hatchett Job

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