Dogwood Trees

Once again, I am behind the camera in this one, letting nature sparkle.  Besides, I am still a bit swollen from the lovely pollen that has covered every surface like dust in the Dust Bowl.

But enough about me.  Today, I noticed that the first of the dogwood trees on our property have begun to bloom, adding so much beauty to the woods that surround our humble abode.Once the dogwoods bloom, we have very little cool weather left and Springtime has definitely begun to make her presence known.  Even though the forsythia has turned golden yellow and most fruit trees have produced their profusion of white and pink fluffy flowers, many old timers down here don’t consider it Springtime yet.

Perhaps it is because Georgia weather will change on the proverbial dime, ranging from 80+ degrees and sunny to 40 degrees and decidedly not warm.  Often, it feels like ten minute cycles are de rigeur.

But once the dogwood trees have displayed themselves in glory, more consistently warm temperatures beckon with honeysuckle blooms and summertime to follow directly.  Spring Peepers and other frogs join in a soggy chorus from moist areas every evening and nature prepares to continue her future generations.

Dare I mention the long sunny days and fireflies caught in old mayo jars as makeshift lanterns at dusk by enterprising children.  I can almost smell food on the grill.


This post marks the 25th day of March Vlogging Madness sponsored by Jendi at Simple Vlogging Tips and Shynea at Penny Pinching Diva.  And while a few times it has truly felt like madness to keep on fighting with my computer, my video recorders, or today, an area wide internet outage, I have benefitted greatly by participating in this challenge.  I have watched the videos from the other participants that made me laugh, made me think, made me smile, made me wonder, taught me a new skill, showed me a way to do a common task better, and one even brought a tear to my eye.  We have forged friendships as we have commented on each other’s work and supported each other.  I think that everyone should participate in a challenge such as this, just because you will gain so much more than you give.

Honestly, I may never go back to straight blogging after this month.  And I started this blog because in addition to being wife, mommy, and teacher, I am educated as a writer with a degree in Creative Writing.  This blog was to become my creative outlet to write and document my life (so I wouldn’t go insane from lack of creative outlets).  So, to say that vlogging is here to stay on this blog–is actually really saying something.

Till next time,

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One Response to Dogwood Trees

  1. Ann Odle says:

    Living in the suburbs of So Cal and seeing all your trees makes me think of moving! Beautiful!

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