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I am a big fan of Bonnie Hunter and her website and blog.  But, I don’t always have a chance to stop by and check out Bonnie’s updates.  Today, I did and I am reminded that September is

National Sewing Month!  That’s my kind of month long holiday!

I missed the kick off, but I am joining in with Bonnie and many others in setting aside time each week

Another Hatchett Job, EPP, hand piecing

My very first hexie flower!

to sew a bit by hand.  The goal is one hour per day, more or less.  You can join in the fun, just click here to get started.

So, to join the event and link up already in progress….  I present to you the hexies that I started working on by hand in

June, right after our move.  I still can’t get to my sewing machine, but this project is helping me to de-stress a bit and use up scraps and some creativity.

Another Hatchett Job, EPP, hand piecingI haven’t really ever hand sewed much of anything before.  I am not the most dexterous of people.  But, I think I kind of like doing this.  I kind of think this is a great take a-long project and I am actually (shudder) enjoying it!

This is a totally scrappy, use what you have got on hand, kind of project.  No idea what it will eventually be or what it will ultimately look like.  That’s not the point of this one.

This one is totally about the process.

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