Christmas Sparkle

I am very fortunate that I have a very talented cousin who loves to upcycle and recycle materials into seriously high end home decor items.  Trust me, I didn’t inherit that gene at all!

Another Hatchett Job, Jan Hatchett

Christmas sparkle at the “Green Haus” recycled and upcycled shop in Griffin, GA.

And since she opened a new shop here in Griffin, Georgia, called the Green Haus, I have been “tooting her horn” so to speak to all my local friends.  But, when my Mom and I went to her Open House this past weekend, I was completely blown away with the way she decorated the faux fireplace in her shop!

Instead of trying to fake the look of logs on fire, Laurie glammed up the look with ivory, pink, and silver ornaments with little twinkling lights underneath.  There is a luminous platter in the back to reflect the light back and give height to the display.  I wish I could show you how the lights twinkling on and off created a sense of movement in the ornaments and drew the eye to it.  The pictures that I took on my phone scarcely did it justice!

Another Hatchett Job; Jan Hatchett

Close up of faux fireplace display.

I think that one of the keys to this high end look is that it is kept more or less monochromatic, letting the pink take center stage and the ivory and adding bulk and sparkle, but not competing for center stage.  The look was warm and restful and more interesting that a fireplace screen or just an empty fireplace.  This could be a perfect look for warmer climates, too, where an actual fire might create a bit too much warmth.  I must admit to being like a kid drawn to the sparkly things of Christmas, but in a packed shop full of vintage and romantic goodies, this caught my attention immediately and drew me right over to it.  It would be simple to recreate and with plastic bulbs, not terribly prone to damage from pets, etc.  I hope this offers a bit of Christmas cheer and inspiration to your family this season.  I’m still planning how to deck out the cabin this year!  Till next time,Another Hatchett Job

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