We got snow for the Snowflake Event…

Well, kind of.  The kids were calling out excitedly, “it’s snow, it’s snow!”  So, I opened the front door to look through our storm door and noticed that the “snow” was bouncing on our wooden steps and small landing.

Snow shouldn’t bounce.  I have lived all of my life in Georgia, but I was raised by Yankee parents, so I know things like the fact that snow doesn’t bounce upon impact.

Hubby thought this was funny and set out with DS12 to determine if this wasn’t snow, what it was.  Nothing like a teachable moment in this house!  They went out and inspected the icy things and determined that the centers are white with a clear outer ring.  This indicates that there was a bit of real snow in the center and ice formed around it while it was in descent.  In meteorological terms, this is graupel, a German word for snow surrounded by ice.  I thought that in honor of the Snowflake Event, that I would make note of this.  Those poor little snowflakes tried to come to Georgia, but they got ganged up on by ice crystals.  So sad.

However, we weren’t depending on Mother Nature for our snow.  Here are our homemade snowflakes:

I made this little snowflake (no pattern, just having fun) to hang in the little window that is high up on our front door.

The boys and I made the paper snowflakes that make up our mantle garland this year.  It was really fun.  They liked it, but didn’t have much patience for doing the more intricate designs.  These were all done free-form.  The quilted mantle scarf was made last year.  The “Better Not Pout” sign was made by my mother and given to me to post conspicuously for the boys.  The red candles are real wax, but battery operated and really flicker.  The small, china cups hold tea lights (when my tea lights are used up, I will get battery operated ones to use).  The red candle on the left was a recent gift.

This is our fireplace.  I really like the warm, golden glow that the candles cast over the decorations.  It just looks warm and cozy to me.  The candle lanterns on the hearth were given to us one year full of cookies!  We have used them with candles in them every year since.  The lanterns help to keep the kitties from playing with the flickering flames (silly cats!).

Here are a close up of my latest decorations.  They are snowflakes made up of twigs and buttons, painted white and stuck to the rocks with a (gasp!) glue gun.  The glue holds them securely but can be popped off of the rocks fairly easily.  I like that they add a bit of a rustic texture that goes well with the rock fireplace surround.  I found the tutorial to make these here.  I really enjoyed using items that were readily available (buttons from repurposed shirts, glue gun, twigs, white craft paint).  It really cost next to nothing, but looks so festive.  I think these will stay until spring.

Many special thanks to The Pleasant Times blog for hosting this Snowflake Event.  The entries that I have seen so far are stunning and inventive!  I hope you have enjoyed seeing my take on snowflakes.  Please stop back by anytime!

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6 Responses to We got snow for the Snowflake Event…

  1. Lillibeth says:

    This is wonderful! Thanks for posting! And expanding our knowledge of different types of "snow" :)

    -Lillibeth at The Pleasant Times

  2. Kelly@ Charming Chatter says:

    How fun – I just love that you and your kiddos made your own snow! It brought back memories of making them with my kids! Love your stick and button flakes too!

  3. Joy says:

    I love your decorations, especially the ones stuck to your fireplace! :) They look very festive and wintry.

  4. Missuz C says:

    Love your post–especially the twig snowflakes!! I'm going to snag that idea–thanks sooo much for sharing!

  5. Kristi in the Western Reserve says:

    Lovely. I discovered your blog from your comment on Brenda's Coffeeteabooks blog. I bet you would enjoy looking at the artful snowflakes on Cynthia Emerlye's blog (or her etsy shop) at http://www.emerlyearts.blogspot.com/

    I also love making snowflakes to decorate, and now my grandchildren are getting old enough to begin enjoying this too. (Well, I may be stretching it. The oldest is in kindergarten.)

  6. Missuz C says:

    Hi! I love your snowflakes–I think you did great. Especially with boys! :D

    Thanks for stopping by the blog to visit and comment, it is always nice to make new friends!


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