Spring Has Sprung

Well, here in Georgia it is undeniably Springtime!  The birds are chirping and building nests, plants are blooming or preparing to bloom, pollen covers everything, and the temperatures are warm and nice.  Ahhh!

On a personal note, I am sidelined with some tissue damage and arthritis problems in my left foot and on very light duty, so I am taking some time to update my blog and share some recent photos of what I see around me.  I hope you enjoy!

Another Hatchett Job, springtime, roses

The first rose of 2012

This year, the pink rose bloomed before our prolific yellow climber out back.

Another Hatchett Job, springtime
Dogwoods sparkle throughout the woods

The woods can sometimes seem like a big green wall, but when the dogwoods bloom, the white color pulls your eye beyond the edge and deep into the trees.  The depth is wonderful!

Another Hatchett Job, springtime

Blackberry plants budded and ready to bloom


I know that I will probably regret letting the blackberries that invaded the climbing rose bush stay so close to the house, but it does appear that  we will have a bumper crop this year of luscious berries that will be easy to pick!  I can’t resist the promise of free blackberries to jelly and can up for use later and for Christmas gifts, too!

I do regret that I don’t have any wisteria around here, as it is gorgeous and full this year from all of the winter rains.  But, some varieties tear down trees and I like my woods standing!

Till next time,

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One Response to Spring Has Sprung

  1. Ann Odle says:

    Can I be on your Christmas list this year? I love home made jams & jellies! I love all that green–Spring has always been my favorite time of year. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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