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Another Hatchett Job blog, vlog postWelcome to Day 4 of the March Madness Vlogging Challenge hosted by Simple Vlogging Tips and Penny Pinching Diva.  Be sure to stop by and check out these sites and the sites for my fellow vloggers!  We love your feedback and suggestions, so stop by throughout the month.

Today, I am attending the Science Fair of the St. George’s Episcopal School in Milner, Georgia as a judge.  As a certified science teacher, who currently homeschools, I do occasionally receive requests to help out at a Science Fair.  I don’t really know any of the kids who are participating, so I can be really impartial.

In this vlog, I try to explain what teachers are looking for in a Science Fair project (as far as grading and judging goes) and try to offer up some tips to parents.  I really think that every kid should have an experience with hands on science through a Science Fair at least once in their life.  You never know what might spark a little bit of interest that can propel a future career.

Those of you who know me well understand that I am pretty up front about what I think and feel.  For those of you who may not know how to take me yet (and I do have some new readers/viewers lately), just remember that I am intending to inform and not annoy.  But, you will never wonder how I feel!

Thanks again to EMagnusTV for the camera work!

Till tomorrow,

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