Quilty Love!

Okay, this is not the best quilt photo that I have ever put on my blog, but it is the best I can muster right now.  As a matter of fact, I had to have my son take this photo on his iPod (hence the German impressionistic style) as the memory card on my phone has gone kaput.

This quilt is a hodge podge of sorts.  This is for a family friend who became suddenly ill.  Mom and I haven’t been making these little stash lap quilts to donate for long enough to actually have any ready to go, so I had to improvise a bit.

The center square is from a left over block of the month that I purchased (y0u could buy orphan block kits at the end of the project).  I put it together to see if I could actually (yikes!) sew a triangle.  It has sat in my stash waiting patiently for a use for years now (the quilt shop that it came from has been closed for 8 or so years).

Basically, I grabbed stash fabric in similar colors and just kept adding borders.  Then I put a piano key border on top and bottom to make the quilt rectangular instead of square.  Then, a brown border, followed by two scrappy borders and the final wide border.  Whew!

I completed the top between dinner and bedtime (about 8 pm to midnight).  Not bad for something that I literally threw together.  Now, it will go to Mom today so she can back it, tie it, and bind it.  Then Dad will likely deliver this one.

Actually, I may make more large blocks to have on hand for lap quilts.  They make a nice medallion effect.  This one may be my favorite yet!

Till next time,

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