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I am a quilter.  I am other things, too, but when I started this blog, I wanted to reach out to others who used quilting and crafts as a creative outlet.  I have really enjoyed making quilts, helping others with techniques, learning from excellent instructors, friends, my Mom, books, and internet friends.

I love going to quilt shows and displays to see what others have done and to get inspired.  I am especially thrilled when I get to experience some antique quilts, some beautiful and artistic, others crafty and utilitarian.  I wonder with awe at the women who made these covers with love and without the fancy tools that modern quilters use.  I think about the hardships and joys of their lives and the love that is stitched into every inch of that quilt.

Today, I share with you the only antique quilt that I have purchased.  I have another older quilt, but it was given to me and I don’t have really any way to know who made it or when (although I would guess in the 1980s from the fabrics).  But, this quilt in the video spoke to me on the side of the road one day in the early 1990s (best guess).  Hope you enjoy seeing it.

This quilt still speaks to me.  I am currently hand quilting another quilt in the same quilt pattern that the antique was quilted in.  I enjoy using thrifted shirts for fabric, probably because this quilt showed me how they could look.  It probably isn’t worth $20, but it means the world to me.

This is my first attempt at editing a video with Windows Movie Maker.  Please be kind! LOL!

This post is part of the March Madness Vlogging Challenge hosted by Simple Vlogging Tips and Penny Pinching Diva.  Check out what all the participants have been up to and keep coming back all this month for new posts!

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