MMBE, Week 8

Welcome to my entry into the Monday Mingle, Business Edition blog hop, hosted by Lynsey Jones, The Party Plan Coach.  Each week, business owners share a bit about themselves and their businesses.   Please consider linking up with us each Monday.  We’d love to get to know you!

This week’s topic from Lynsey is:  Highlight a product that your customers could use RIGHT NOW taking your WEATHER into consideration. What is the “perfect product” your customers could use right now?

One piece of jewelry that every lady needs is a great pair of earrings.  Regardless of the weather, earrings are the number one way to pull a look together.  Particularly if you are using

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photo by Eddie Hatchett; Orbit earrings by Premier Designs.

scarves and pashminas to add a little warmth to the early Spring days, your earrings will be drawing attention to your face and eyes, away from your hips and thighs!  I don’t know any lady who wouldn’t like that.  The key to selecting a great pair of all purpose earrings is to find a pair of hoops that are the size of a golf ball or slightly larger to start.  The larger size helps to balance with your hair style.  Next, consider the shape of the hoop.  Hoops can be round, tear drops, heart shaped, twisted, hammered, oblong, squared, etc.  If you aren’t familiar with the best shape for your unique face, the best bet is to go for the shape that is considered the most flattering:  the angular hoop.  The angles in Premier Design’s Orbit earrings help to keep from emphasizing the roundness of a full face, while the curves detract from a square jawline.  They simply look great on everyone and at $19, you can’t beat the price.  I consider this to be the most flattering piece of jewelry to try if you are unfamiliar with our product line.

Another Hatchett Job, Jamberry 2012 easter designs

Easter 2012 New Releases from Jamberry Nails

Another item to consider is Jamberry Nails’ nail shields.   CNN recently reported that Nail Art is the New Lipstick and that is so true on the fashion scene.  But, it’s hard to pick just one design.  So, I have selected our Easter 2012 line that just sings, “Ring in the Spring” for all of us with a teensy bit of cabin fever after the cold temperatures of winter.  I’d love to tell you that I have an instant favorite (these designs were just released today!), but I am torn right now between Easter Bunnies and Pink and Purple Swirls.  But, then again, Christian Fish is a design that so many customers have asked for, and the Pink and Purple Pinwheels are adorable.  Sigh.

Guess I will have to have them all!

Which of the new designs is your favorite?


Till next time,

Your Favorite Jewelry Lady, Premier Designs Jewelry

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3 Responses to MMBE, Week 8

  1. Love the earrings! I wish my Jamberry party was still open. I want the Taupe Vintage Rose!!!

  2. I absolutely love those new shields. So cute!

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