MMBE, Week 7

Welcome to my entry into the Monday Mingle, Business Edition blog hop, hosted by Lynsey Jones, The Party Plan Coach.  Each week, business owners share a bit about themselves and their businesses.   Please consider linking up with us each Monday.  We’d love to get to know you!

This weeks topic from Lynsey is:  One of the most common things I hear is “But what do you DO all day!?”  Tell us about your typical day – walk us through from the time you wake up until your head hits the pillow at night.

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First off, my day is probably unlike anyone else’s.  I am, first and foremost, a Mama, homeschooling two very different teenage boys through high school.  That dictates a great deal of my time.  It also is part of the reason that there is no such thing as a “typical” day at my house. My youngest son is gifted and tends toward biology and enjoying the outdoors.  My other son is high functioning autistic/Asperger’s, and he learns very, very differently and needs more of my attention and direction.  But, I will let you sneak a peek into a Monday (one of the most likely to be “typical” of my days).

As soon as hubby leaves for work (or shortly thereafter) around 9 am (he works flexible hours), the boys and I start our day.  The boys each have some simple chores to do during the morning.  I give the boys their work for the day (sometimes I give my gifted son larger projects to be worked on throughout the week, like a novel, etc.).  Then, I can check email, send messages to clients, colleagues, and check on the status of my online sales.   I check on my boys periodically (the oldest will fall asleep on his work) and help them as needed.

In the afternoon, we run any necessary errands to the post office, office supply store, fabric store, grocery store, etc.  I often meet ladies who enjoy receiving a sample of our products while we are out and about during this time.

When we return home, the boys finish any work that needs to be completed and usually my youngest goes outside to explore our woods for awhile and the oldest plays a video game.  I can often do some blogging during this time or work on something that requires a longer stretch of time.

Another Hatchett Job blog

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My mother and I make quilts for ladies and gentlemen at our church who are ill or grieving.  Lately, it seems like the need is never ending!  So, if a few moments arise, I will work on a simple pattern.  Usually, I make up the quilt tops and Mom finishes and delivers them.  Right now, I just completed one top and Mom is making one also.  That only leaves us about 4 behind.  Yikes!

Another Hatchett Job blog, home school, homeschooling, teach at home

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Late afternoon and evening are busy for us on Mondays.  After preparing a snack to take to my local training, I will drop the boys off at my parent’s house.  Mom and Dad will feed them (and hubby) when he comes in to pick them up.  They will spend the evening with Boy Scout troop 12, where hubby is an Assistant Scout Master.

I will attend my local training and we will all return home around 9:30 or so.  Then the boys are (forced!) to shower and we hang out until they go to bed around 11.  Hubby and I try to spend a few minutes together after their bedtime, usually watching something on Netflix (we don’t have regular TV).  Lately, we have been enjoying the series, Firefly.

Usually, I will spend a few minutes with my Kindle to slow down for bed.

Then, we get up and do it all over again!  It’s a wonderful life, full of adventure and love.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What is your typical day like?

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Till next time,

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7 Responses to MMBE, Week 7

  1. Jan that’s awesome! Gosh do you have trainings every Monday? That’s awesome. I would love to have a weekly local meeting. What a great way to stay on track!

    Ya missed getting on the Divas call at noon! hehehehe ;)

    • Jan Hatchett says:

      Yes, we have a training available every week in different locations. The one closes to us is mandatory and we are encouraged to go to at least one other one each month. I go to as many as I can.

      I hate that I miss the calls. Noon is a killer time for a homeschool mama!

  2. Carla K. says:

    Jan I enjoyed your “typical” Monday… I am truly impressed that you homeschool, quilt and run two buxiness and keep it all together. I would think that keeping up with the boys assignments would not leave time for anything except assignments. My hat’s off to you… Good Work PPD-Mom. You are an inspiration.

  3. Jendi says:

    I totally understand what you mean that there “is no typical day.”
    Your quilts are really beautiful. I’m so glad that you make time in your day for them, and make them to share.
    And I’m so glad that my kids still go to bed at 8:30!

  4. Jan Hatchett says:

    I sure wish my kids still went to bed early! LOL! Hubby seldom gets home before 7 to 7:30 pm, so we adjusted so that he could have time to spend with the boys during the week. Another advantage of Home Schooling!

    I am so glad that you like my quilts. I have finished two tops this week that I need to blog about and pulled fabric for another quickie top. I enjoy making them and knowing that some of them are bringing a bit of joy and comfort (I hope) to others. It’s a wonderful creative outlet for me.

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