Medical Update on Our Oldest Son…

This isn’t a full blown update, but it is the first news that I have had to share.  Our oldest son is autistic (mildly) and has been having some “episodes” that could have been caused by either complex motor tics or by having seizures.  Now, these are not major seizures which would be easily identifiable, but, rather, smaller, quirky mannerisms.  The 48 hour EEG was an attempt at determining what the cause of these episodes were.

Needless to say, putting an autistic (mildly or otherwise) through this type of testing is a horrid experience!  He was so unhappy and unwilling to participate in his life that I went back and forth between feeling very sorry for him and quite irritated with him.

Anyways, I got a message today from my young friend who works at this neurology office.  She indicated that the results were (finally) back from the tests and that it did, indeed, show seizure activity.  We are now waiting for a call to confirm when we can go in to discuss the findings and treatment options with the doctor.  He indicated that he wants to see us this week, rather than next week at our regularly scheduled appointment.

So, that’s all for now.  Looks like we are going to get some real answers, but possibly not the ones that we wanted to receive.

Till next time,

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