LWW 2.29.2012

Happy Leap Day!  Welcome back to this week’s installment of Living Well Wednesday, a meme hosted by the lovely and talented blogger, Natalie Collinson.  Each week, bloggers link up to discuss how they have fared that week toward reaching goals that they have set for themselves.  We hope you will join us over at Natalie’s blog and either participate with a post, or check out what we are up to this week.

I didn’t even think about this being Leap Day until I woke up this morning and saw all kinds of stuff on my Facebook Feed about it.  Just another ol’ Wednesday to me!  What have ya’ll got going on for this “extra” day this year?

This has been a truly crazy week for us.  Since I checked in last week, two friends from church have passed away.  My little brother and my youngest son both have had birthdays.  And Mom and I fixed food to take to the grieving families and worked on more quilts.  Some days I think we will never get caught up.

Bad news:  No new weight loss.   Good news:  I was able to maintain last week’s loss.  I am also continuing with the Zumba, which is, incidentally, much tougher in the footwork department on the Wii than it was at the gym.  Now that the weather is warming up a bit, I think more walking will come into play as well.  I love walking, but usually am dragging an obstinate 6’7″ Aspie with me, which can pretty much take the fun right out of it. Younger son is pretty good.  He likes to walk and run and even takes binoculars to check out birds while Mom catches up.   We’ll see, though.

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful week!  I can’t wait to head over to Natalie’s blog and check out how everyone is doing this week.

Missed last week?  Click here.

What has your biggest challenge been this week?

Till next time,

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3 Responses to LWW 2.29.2012

  1. Hey Jan!

    I am sorry to hear about your loss. That’s very sad.

    To have maintained your weight loss in such a crazy week is fantastic – you did great!

    The weather is improving little by little here too. I can’t wait for the warmth and sunshine!

    • Jan Hatchett says:

      I know what you mean about the weather, I am really starting to crave the sunshine, but maybe not all the heat and humidity of summertime. I think that deep down, I am really solar powered!

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