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Welcome back to this week’s installment of Living Well Wednesday, a meme hosted by the lovely and talented blogger, Natalie Collinson.  Each week, bloggers link up to discuss how they have fared that week toward reaching goals that they have set for themselves.  We hope you will join us over atNatalie’s blog and either participate with a post, or check out what we are up to this week.

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Much to my chagrin, I am not signing up at the gym where the Zumba classes are taught.  I can’t rely on enough childcare right now to make it regularly and if I am paying for a gym membership, I want to go!  So, we bought the Zumba game for the Wii and I am working my way through the tutorials to learn the moves.  The speed of this game makes it quite challenging and different from a class.  But, I love the classes and am learning the moves and hope that this will help me out in the meantime.  I don’t want to give up the Zumba, so this will have to do for now.

I have had great success with eating well a couple of days this week and a couple of dismal days.  But, I guess in the scheme of things, that is probably to be expected.  Not encouraged, but expected, nonetheless.  I have found that I generally do better on the days that I work out.  Another good reason to be able to work out at home no matter what else is happening in my life.  Still need to work on eating

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emotionally or just from boredom, but it’s all about baby steps this year.

Speaking of emotional issues, this has been a bizarre week of mixed feelings for me this week.  We have two family birthdays this week.  My brother turned 25 and my youngest son will turn 14 tomorrow.  Sigh.  Plus, we have had one family friend pass away this week (his funeral was today).  He is a very close friend of my Dad’s and it has been so hard for Dad to let him go.  Additionally, Mom and I are really close with a lady who just discovered that she has a benign brain tumor and has to have surgery at Emory Hospital in a couple of weeks.  Really risky stuff.  While we made her a quilt (actually Mom finished up some blocks I had started so I could make more tops) to comfort her, her husband was rushed to the hospital.  He is in critical condition, riddled with cancer that nobody knew he had and is expected to only last 2-3 days after today.  I feel so horrible for both of them.  He is in pain and doctors are trying (to no avail sometimes) to alleviate it.  She is heart broken watching over him.  We expect another funeral shortly.  So sad.  An unavoidable part of life, but so difficult to endure sometimes.

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Luckily the weather is starting to move toward warmth.  We have had jonquils and forsythia blooming in places.  The apple tree at my parent’s home is blooming (which usually means one more hard frost).  Every year the blossoms freeze and I don’t think we have ever had one apple from those trees.  But, they are pretty to look at!

I hope you have all had a wonderful week and will have successes to report.

How the weather in your neck of the woods?

If you missed last week’s post, click here.

Till next time,

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5 Responses to LWW 2.22.12

  1. Ann Odle says:

    So sorry to hear about your friends. I’ll keep you all in my prayers; I’m saying lots of those myself, so I know how you feel. Take care.

  2. Carla K. says:

    Hi Jan, I am so sorry that you are facing the sadness of funerals. Remember, GOD is in the blessing business and sometimes the best cure from HIM is to be called HOME.

    Isn’t it funny how the seasons are so mixed up. You are blooming early and my Roses bloomed late into Dec.

    about Zumba, You Go Girl, I cna’t do it… too much action. But from what I have heard, you literally “dance your rear off”.

    So sorry this is late. I have been working on my NEW blog. The address is: http://carlawkennedy.com . A business woman’s work is never done.

    • Jan Hatchett says:

      Hi Carla,
      Thanks for your kind words. I know that for this latest friend, to leave this world will be a blessing for him, but I also know what a trial it will be for his wife. It’s so tough to experience bittersweet emotions.

      As for the Zumba, I am really having fun with it, although I am not a dancer and not very good at it at all! But, it gets me moving and sweating and seems to go by quickly, so I am grateful for that.

      I was so excited to see your post on PPD about your new blog address! I will be stopping by soon to check it out!

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