Living Well Wednesday, 4/13/11

Welcome back for another Living Well Wednesday!  Be sure to check in over at Natalie’s blog, Coffee, Cupcakes, Cards…Oh My! to check out what the other participants are up to this week.  We’d love it if you would choose to join us!  You can blog or vlog your weekly updates.  Just pick a goal you’d like to work on and be accountable for, post it and link up.  We love supporting each other and working on our goals together.


Till next time,

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4 Responses to Living Well Wednesday, 4/13/11

  1. Jan,

    Thank you for joining us!

    I am sorry to hear your son has to undergo further tests – I can understand why you are feeling the strain right now.

    I don’t know if you like herbal drinks at all, but I’ve heard Camomile tea is a very good natural way to calm down after a stressful day. I’d love to know if you get to try it.

    Thank you also for sharing the picture of the baby birds – a true sign that Spring is here! So beautiful.

    Live Well x

  2. What beautiful little baby birds!! How cute is that?!

    Keep us posted on your son – we have been praying for him here.

    For stress – can you do Yoga? It shouldnt put too much stress on your ankle, and it is really all focused around breathing correctly and really “finding your center” which is probably the #1 stress relieving thing in the Universe!

    You can get on YouTube and look at Yoga moves – dont spend anything until you have tried it – it may help. :)

    Love ya! Have a great week!

  3. Terri says:

    Hey Jan. Just catching up on things after my surgery. Sorry to hear your son needs more tests and you have no real answers (yet)….and remember to check out yoga for both the stress relief and the exercise/weight loss. It works wonders.

  4. Ann Odle says:

    Sorry to hear about everything. Stress can always make things so much worse (for you cuz you’re feeling it). Buy yourself some Lavendar, either a sachet or body lotion or even just some flowers–the scent of lavendar is supposed to help reduce stress too!

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