Gold and Silver Together?

For years, gold was in. It was the only choice for fashionable people to wear. All jewelry was gold or made to look like genuine gold.  Years ago, I would have never even considered wearing silver jewelry (even though it looks very nice on me).  But, fashions change and come and go.  Eventually, over the last few years, silver jewelry became all the rage.   Suddenly, ladies who would have never questioned their gorgeous gold wedding sets are asking, “Can I wear my silver with this?”

Instead of wearing only gold jewelry because you have a gold wedding set (or other special piece of fine jewelry) and feeling that it must match (or silver with silver or platinum/rhodium), ladies have begun to experiment with metals and mix and match them together.


Don’t ditch your wedding set because you want to change up your fashion look.  Just try and decide how fashion forward you wish to be.  If your dress seems to be more conservative in nature, you might be more comfortable with wearing a piece which mixes gold and silver in a single piece to anchor your look.  Fashionistas may experiment to their heart’s content–anything goes for the fashion forward! But, you absolutely need to feel feminine and confident in whatever outfit and jewelry you choose.  Confidence is the key!

I hope you can overlook the clothesline in the video.  I didn’t realize that it made it in the shot.  Another Hatchett Job blog, vlog post

This post is part of the March Madness Vlogging Challenge sponsored by Jendi at Simple Vlogging Tips and Shynea at Penny Pinching Diva.  These are great sites to explore.  I have learned a lot through these sites and the vlogs of the other challenge participants.  I would hope that you would stop by, check them out, and send out some bloggy love!

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