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One of the things that I never seem to have enough time for is reading blogs that inspire me.  I absolutely adore perusing the posts and getting ideas for crafts, projects, or just getting a chance to consider a different way of doing something.   I read crafty, quilting, business, home and family related, and decorating blogs.  Honestly, I could while away an entire day with them if I let myself.

Another Hatchett Job, sewing, quilting, homemade gifts, frugal gifts

generous baby quilt

But, some of the best inspiration that I get doesn’t come from blogs.  Case in point is my friend, Beverly.  I have known Beverly since I was in 8th grade and she was in the 9th.  She was the Matron of Honor at my wedding.  We go way back!

We both caught the quilting bug at about the same time.  We both learned primarily from books and a few classes, sharing ideas and tips as we slowly built our skills.  But, we have approached quilting a bit differently, my first quilt was a tied 9-patch made with huge chunks of fabrics and borders, while hers was a very orderly Trip Around the World.  That was ages ago and I still am not quite ready to try and do a Trip Around the World.

Beverly does applique (not me–yet) and some of the most precise work that I have seen.  Her methodical nature makes her quilts and quilted projects a bit more complex than mine (I am usually so excited to be working on a project that I throw perfection to the wind

Another Hatchett Job, quilting, sewing, homemade gifts, frugal gifts

Even Baby V's babydoll will have a new quilt!

and press on for the finish–no matter what) with much better quality piecing.

Since she doesn’t blog her projects, I asked if I could share some of her latest ones, which I think are absolutely stunning!   These projects were all created for a new addition to her family.

Her cousin is in the process of adopting an adorable toddler.  It’s a beautiful story (as an adoptive Mama, I am such a sucker for an adoption story) and Beverly wanted to create

something really special to welcome this little angel into the family.   And she did.  Three times over!

Another Hatchett Job, quilting, sewing, homemade gifts, frugal gifts

Check out the quilting detail. Love it!

First came a gorgeous (generously sized) baby quilt with a sunshine yellow muslin border and 30s reproduction fabrics.  What made this especially frugal was that most of the materials used were scraps from either hers, my Mom’s, and my collections.  We have a mutual mooching arrangement that is helpful to keep us from spending money unnecessarily.  Plus, it helps make us a tad more creative in color combos, etc. when we are working with what is at hand.  The pattern is a simple Stacked Coins that shows off the

fabrics beautifully!  The backing was a piece of fabric printed with little girl baby dolls in different dresses from my Mom’s stash.  It is perfect!

Another Hatchett Job, quilting, sewing, homemade gifts, frugal gifts

Bag for Baby V to carry her goodies in

Next came a matching doll blanket for her dollies.  This one has wavy quilting that looks fantastic.  It is hard to believe that she hasn’t done very much machine quilting in the past, preferring to hand quilt.

And then came the gorgeous, custom bag to hold all of her toys and goodies (or even quiet toys for church).  This is complete with prairie points, quilting, and matching fabrics.  The doll quilt fits inside and there is room for a dolly, too!

I have more photos, but I think you get the idea of how special these items are.  I get loads and inspiration from Beverly as we talk, text, and send web links to each other throughout the day.   She is one of the dearest friends I have ever had and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Till next time,

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  1. Ann Odle says:

    My mom is a collector of quilts–and I’ve received some of her finds, plus hand-me-downs from the rest of the family. I just love the homey feeling of snuggling under a home-made quilt or blanket–nothing like it!

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