Decisions, decisions….

Before I lose my mind, I need a new project to work on.  I do love to have a quilt in progress at all times, but lately I can’t seem to get into anything much.  I am feeling a bit flighty, building a business, homeschool children, teenager in the home (God help me, please!).

Now, I have several projects that I would love to do this year.  I have a few small quilts in mind to decorate my “design wall” that you see right inside my front door.  It would be cool to have different ones for different seasons.

I have been collecting vintage shirts for a bed quilt for both of my sons.  One will be twin sized (he likes lots of green and multi-colored squares and checkerboard patterns, so I will be figuring that one out.  I suggested a really lovely and simple pattern, which, of course, he hated the very thought of.  Sigh.

The other quilt will be a sawtooth star in reds, whites, and blues.  I think it will be lovely.  Like all of my really good ideas, I stole it from was inspired by this quilt by Zany Quilter.  It looks simple enough and he will love it.  He likes the pattern and is, generally, my more difficult child, however, he likes to let silly ol’ Mom pick the quilt patterns.  Gotta love that.

One of my Christmas gifts was actually fabric to complete a grouping that I really like for the Cinnamon Pecan Twist pattern on Moda Bake Shop.  I have chosen Moda precuts by April Cornell (Prayer Flag and Nostalgia) for a soft look to the finished quilt (although I adore the fabrics in the picture also)   The quilt is a freebie designed by Konda Luckau of Moose on the Porch Quilts and it is stunning, yet looks simple enough to piece.  If I can pull it off, it may be a Christmas gift for this upcoming year.  I do think that I would have to send it out for quilting though.  I can’t see how I can manage one that is queen sized yet.  I think I have found a lady in Vermont who does a basic meandering design for about half of what I can get it done for locally.  That will help out a lot!  I have seen samples of her work and it is lovely.

Of course, I have vintage sheet material that I would love to make hubby and I a simple summer quilt from.  Maybe hand pieced, just for practice?  I have a few squares joined together, so why not?

And there is always my lovely log cabin that is basted and needs some hand quilting TLC.  What to pick first?  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Oh, and I have received my very first quilt commission.  A former student’s mom has asked me to take her old t-shirts from high school and make a quilt out of them for her.  I thought that would be wonderful.  Have I ever made one before.  No.  Did it stop me from saying I would do it?  Of course not.  They are paying for materials and I guess I will be learning on their shirts!  LOL!  Haven’t received the shirts yet, so I am not ready to jump into that.

Plus, I still have 30+ kits made up for pillowcases for Conn-Kerr Cancer in Georgia, so that is always a good choice also.

I wish I could decide which direction I want to go in first.  Any suggestions, dear loyal readers (both of you)?

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12 Responses to Decisions, decisions….

  1. Boy….You do have some decisions to make. When I am stuck, I start with smaller projects and then work up. I would start with the pillowcases. =)

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Amy! I usually have a project picked out to begin as I near the end of the previous one. I just can’t seem to get focused on any one thing with all of the craziness in my life right now. I need to do something as therapy!

  2. I’m a different loyal reader! :) When I have the time at least. I don’t know what direction to point you in, but I just have to say I wish I could make quilts! I want to learn some day. What an awesome thing to have!

    • admin says:

      I am thrilled to have picked up reader number 3! LOL~!
      It’s easier to learn than you might think. I find that it is good therapy for me. I love the feel of fabric in my hands.
      When you decide to learn, let me know and I will be glad to point you to some great beginner resources and turn you on to some amazing quilting blogs.

  3. Belinda says:

    Jan –

    I think you should work on your “hand pieced” one! Almost all of the quilts I own are hand pieced (and hand quilted) by my mother and grandmother. I have a couple of “quilt top” ones, but the hand stitched ones are my favorites.

    That’s my two cents from your new dedicated reader!

    • admin says:

      Oh Belinda, I would love to hear more about your antique quilts! Do you have any pictures of them? I am pretty new to hand piecing as I don’t have the great needle dexterity that my mother has. I am pretty klutzy with my hands (probably why I am machine dependent).

      I wanted to have a take along project for down times like when I am homeschooling and waiting for the kids to eat lunch or finish reading, etc. I need to be nearby if there are questions, but I am not in my home, so I can’t load the dishwasher, fold a load of laundry and things like that. It’s nice to have something to do during those times. I don’t like to just sit.

  4. Ann Odle says:

    I LOVE quilts! I have quite a few that I’ve picked up over the years. My most precious ones are put away–one from my stepdad’s mother and one from a great-great someone, made in a log-cabin pattern (I think). Good luck with all your projects!

  5. admin says:

    Ann, I have a special fondness for the log cabin pattern. My parents live in a log cabin and that is the pattern of the lap quilt I made my mom for Christmas. I would love to see pictures of your quilts if you have any.

    I have a log cabin that is in the quilting hoop right now, but I haven’t begun to stitch on it yet. It is done in browns and creams with a gorgeous 1940s inspired dark brown with peach roses print. So pretty and just a little bit of girly underneath all the warm browns. Love it!

    I am sure I will post photos as soon as I can get it started. Now, I am trying to figure out if I could get a full sized quilt frame snuck in here somewhere without hubby screaming!

  6. Kim Rhodes says:

    Hey, I am a dedicated reader too!! A new one, but dedicated, lol!

    I agree with the advice to start on one of your smaller projects. Since you are busy bouncing around with blogging and jewelry and homeschooling, etc., this would be a good place to start. Becuase it is small, you will see results quicker and get that feeling of accomplishment that is part of that therapy you are looking for.

    Oh, for fun little projects – check out I love it! They have all kinds of crafty things that look like would be right down your alley.

  7. Denise Kline says:

    I also agree with the advice to start on the smaller projects first!

  8. admin says:

    Thanks ladies for the advice!

    Kim, you are right, that site looks like fun! I also love!

  9. Goodness – so many great options to choose from. I’d say go with your heart – work on the one that you like the best – or would enjoy stitching the most! Probably not much help but it’s the best I’ve got LOL! Hope you enjoy whatever you stitch and have fun making that T Shirt quilt!

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