Braces Begone!

This handsome little guy is my son, the one who usually gets stuck helping his Mom make videos and teaches her how to edit them.  He really is a great kid to have around.  Ya gotta love it when the kid can help you with your learning curve!  LOL!  And I am homeschooling him?

Well, kiddo has endured his first set of braces as well as any kid could handle them.  But, they were only supposed to be on for a year–and that year was up quite a while ago!  He has been chomping at the bit so that he could enjoy his favorite treat of all time again:  Milk Duds.

The hold up has been because after having four teeth pulled, the permanent teeth were not lining up to fall into the gap created by the braces.  The kid has a tiny mouth and big teeth that don’t really fit.  Well, today, the x-rays told a different tale and the braces are gone!  We go back in two weeks for his retainer, which he will wear until he goes into his second set of braces when he is in High School and all of his teeth have finally come fully into place.

This was great news on a day when we needed a reason to celebrate.  He got his Milk Duds, too!

Till next time,

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2 Responses to Braces Begone!

  1. Lynsey Jones says:

    YYYAAYYY!! How stinkin CUTE! Congrats on one down! Woohooo!

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