Basic Jewelry Wardrobe–Fashionable Watch

In modern life, it is all about time, isn’t it?

We rush here, we rush there. We strategize and multi-task. Is it any wonder that a beautiful, functional wristwatch should be part of our total, pulled together look?

Every woman needs a good watch.  Whether you are a single watch kind of gal with a gorgeous oversized number with a black leather band, or a gal who has a watch for every occasion, a good watch is everyone’s friend.

The most basic watch is the aforementioned oversized watch with black or brown leather band.  This harkens back to the original aviator wrist watches.  With a black band, it can go from casual, to date night, to dressy.  It’s all in what you put with it!  Never wear a simple watch by itsself.  It needs a buddy!  A petite tennis bracelet will add just enough interest and bling to soften the look of your watch.  It adds just a bit of femininity and allows you to take this wardrobe workhorse (the watch) and add a bit of personality to it.

Of course, if inclination and finances allow, have a watch for every occasion.  Have a sports watch with a rubberized band, a classic watch for casual, a metallic watch for dressier occasions (think gold, silver, hematite, and even copper), and a “diamond” encrusted one for the most upscale of events.  The sky is truly the limit!

The key, of course, is to find the watch that best suits your unique style.  If you despise hinged watches, go for a different band.  If leather is not your thing, look for metallics.

For most of us, watches are everyday necessities.  Necessities can be beautiful, too!

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