Basic Jewelry Wardrobe–"Diamond" Studs

Now, the word stud gets thrown around quite a bit, so I wanted to clarify which usage of the word we are using.  The stud I am referring to is not a load bearing piece of a wall or a good looking fellow, I am referring to a basic pair of earrings.

Stud earrings usually consist of a single gemstone affixed to a metal post that goes through a pierced ear.  They are a truly basic earring.  Many young girls wear post type earrings (and sometimes gemstone ones) when they first get their ears pierced.  Ladies with double piercings in their ears sometimes choose to wear a stud in the top piercing.

The most classic stud earring is the single “diamond” stud.  Whether you sport a flawless, genuine diamond or one of the very convincing “diamond” crystals, this look is timeless.  Gold or silver setting is a little less important in a stud earring as very little of the metal usually shows.  In a bezel set stone, the stone is faceted and sits in a round ring of metal (in this case, the metal matters).

To jazz up a simple stud earring, consider a jacket that the earring slips through.  Earring jackets can add additional gemstones or metallic interest to the outside edge of the stone, making the earring appear far more substantial.  The Laura earrings are a single round stud which appears to be jacketed (but is not) with crystals and is a very elegant look.  And at under $40 a genuine steal in silver stud earrings!

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2 Responses to Basic Jewelry Wardrobe–"Diamond" Studs

  1. Ann says:

    I love my diamond studs! The real ones are tiny, but REAL; I have several shapes of CZs that I wear often too!

  2. Jan Hatchett says:

    Aren't they just the most versatile thing ever? There is nothing like a little bling to perk up your look!

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