Baby Gift

Yesterday, I posted about the wonderful gifts that my friend Beverlymade for a new addition to her family.  These are the baby washcloths that I happily made to celebrate the same little girl’s new family.

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Baby Wash Cloths have Minkee on the Back

The fabric was scraps from my Mom’s stash with Minkee left over from a quilt backing from my collection.  I found the instructions here.  They were very easy to make, but the Minkee fabric is really creepy crawly to work with and it gave me a really hard time.

I gotta love the fabric for the fronts.  It’s turtles and bunnies playing among silly street signs and carrots.  Plus, the feel of Minkee (even though it is nasty to work with) is heavenly!

Here’s hoping for loads of fun bath times with these.

Till next time,

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One Response to Baby Gift

  1. Ann Odle says:

    These are adorable! Wish I had time to try stuff like this.

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