30 Days of Faves-Runway Necklace

Okay, what necklace should a woman purchase if she can only have one?  You want this one!  This is Runway, a 41 1/2 inch silver beauty, inspired by the fashion runways this year.  You can wear it long, double it, criss-cross and double it, even wear it as a belt.  It’s just that versatile!

Check out how this ensemble changes with the addition of the Runway necklace in the second half.

Or check out this video (not mine, unfortunately) which shows multiple ways to wear Runway.

I hope that these videos piqued your interest in this fabulous necklace (only $41–what a steal!). Please let Another Hatchett Job, Premier Designs, Jewelry, Your Favorite Jewelry Ladyme know if you would like more information, to place an order, or a catalog. I’d love to be your jewelry lady!

Thanks again to Lynsey Jones for bringing us the 30 Days of Faves Blog Party!

Till next time,

Your Favorite Jewelry Lady, Premier Designs Jewelry

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